Doctor Mike and Reba Bare

Early in 1980 Dr. Bare, and Ordained Bishop in the Church of God, received his calling into the ministry. In the past 40 years he and Reba have served as pastor to 8 churches besides Brevard COG.  They were appointed the first time to Brevard Church of God on September 1, 1990.  Thirty years and two months later, they were appointed  to the Brevard COG on November 3, 2020.
His wife, Reba (Brooks) has been by his side in life for 47 years. Over the years, through much prayer and fasting, they have developed a style of ministry.  They have two Sons, Jason, 45, Married to Kelli (Murphy) and Phillip, 43, married to Patricia (Speed). They have five grandchildren.
Dr. Bare and Reba, believes strongly in prayer. Only through hours of travail and praying in the Spirit will one know and accomplish God’s will for their lives and for His church.
The Bare’s strongly believe leaders should pray.  Leaders who do not pray should not attempt to lead.  When the church stands united in prayer, it can and will shake the “gates of hell”.
Preaching the Word without compromise  is at the heart of Dr. Bare’s approach to church Growth.  It has always been his desire to seek God concerning each message presented to the congregation.  He believes the Bible to be true, right, accurate, and good for today and will bring correction, advice, healing, and hope for all who will receive its message and apply its principals.
The most important aspect of a Christian’s life is the way we worship. “Worship” means “Worth-ship”; it is demonstrating how much our God means to us, through music, praise, prayer, fellowship, and the Word of God.  The Bare’s place a great deal of focus on congregational worship. How you worship is how they get to know you spiritually.
Dr. Bare considers himself to be a “Revivalist”.  Be assured true revival will be found where there are saints of God praying in the spirit and worshipping with all their heart.
Since the inception of his ministry, he has trusted this principal; “In order to be your pastor, he must first be your friend”.  He believes, “you can only lead a person, as far as, you have influence with them.”
Dr. Bare will endeavor to use righteous judgement in making all decisions. He believes in fairness, unity, and equality.  Understanding that God placed the pastor in the church to handle it’s spiritual direction.  The Bare’s want a balanced church where everyone is welcome regardless of race, social standing, wealth, education, age, nationality, culture, ethnic background, etc. We are committed to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to all mankind.
Dr. Bare is internationally recognized as an anointed communicator. He has ministered in Camp Meetings, and Revivals all over the United States.  He has been greatly used in ministering through the Gifts of God’s Holy Spirit.  His ministry has birthed many great healings, miracles, and even the dead have been raised to life through his anointing.  Today, with his strong deliverance ministry, Dr. Bare is recognized as a true Prophet of God. Personally, Dr. Bare has played the trumpet for 57 years, the bass Guitar and keyboards for 36 years.
Dr. Bare has a heart for third world countries and the globe.  God has provided amazing avenues where Dr. Bare can be used of God in His Kingdom work in these countries.  He is the Presiding Bishop, of “Freedom International Fellowship Ministries” (FIMA).  FIMA is a ministry to train ministers in countries where ministerial education is scarce.  He has authored 4 Books for this purpose.  Dr. Bare will be further studying and coming to understand the local and special needs of various areas to help provide the resources necessary to strengthen ministries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.


Rev. Joy Rider

I’m a wife, a mother of five, and a mimi of two precious grandchildren. Those are all the things I wanted to be growing up here in the beautiful mountains of western NC. I had no idea that the Lord would lead me into full-time ministry but I’m so thankful He did.

Growing up in church, I asked Jesus to come into my heart when I was only seven years old and was filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues at Church of God youth camp in Charlotte, NC at the age of 14.

My family traveled the southeast, singing the gospel and ministering to people from many different walks of life. We were blessed to see lives changed in miraculous ways!

I am a licensed and ordained minister. Over the years, I have served as worship pastor, campus pastor, teacher, and counselor.

Regardless of the offices I have held, my greatest joy is always found while leading others into the peace that comes from having an authentic relationship with Jesus and sharing with them the hope that only He can bring - what an amazing thing it is to watch the Holy Spirit reveal Himself.

It is an honor for my family and I to be back home, serving the Lord and this community, at Brevard Church of God!